Hogekampplein University of Twente, NL

year: 2018
size: 1 - 10 ha
type: urban design
client: University of Twente
with: Waalpartners
Hogekampplein University of Twente

LOLA finished the design for the Hogekamp square at the university campus of Twente. The perfectly rectangular square is situated between the campus buildings and lots of green. It is outfitted with two bright blue tribunes and functions as a place for meeting up, studying, sporting and events.

A diagonal axis over the square connects the main campus to sports facilities and one of the entrances on the other side of the water. This axis is flanked by large concrete blocks. These blocks can be stacked, arranged and rearranged into places to meet, sit and study.

The Hogekamp square itself is surrounded by gardens. The gardens located at the hotel feature lush planting, a terrace, ponds and lawns. The gardens located at the water are designed as water gardens, filled with reeds and lilies. Their function is to buffer run-off water from the square, making it climate adaptive. By circulating and filtrating water from the adjacent pond over this helophyte filter, the water quality of the pond will improve over time.

Right after the completion of the redevelopment of the Hogekamp building into an hotel and students apartment block, the Hogekamp square is to be finished. Work already started on the parking area. LOLA worked together with Waalpartners for the technical design.