Preliminary design Slachthuiswijk approved

17 November 2021

Good news for the redevelopment of Slachthuiswijk. The municipality of Antwerp has recently approved the preliminary design for the new Slachthuiswijk public space. Commissioned by AG Vespa, Triple Living and Aquafin, the team of LOLA, Sweco, Posad Maxwan and Buiting Advies designed a green public space that ties the new and existing parts of the district. The housing, recreation, services and businesses will all be connected by the new and existing green.

With this important decision, the city of Antwerp has chosen that Slachthuiswijk becomes a green district with various zones that each fulfill a different function. The new Slachthuiswijk will be car-free, with a focus on slow traffic, and filled with green play, sports and meeting areas. In the design we paid special attention to water protection and the use of water as a playful element in public space.

Altogether there are nearly four acres of green public space so residents and visitors will be able to live and move in a green and natural environment. The final design for the Slachthuiswijk public space will follow in early 2022.

Client: AG Vespa, Triple Living, Aquafin
I.c.w.: Sweco Belgium, Posad Maxwan, Buiting Advies

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