District-U takes shape

19 May 2022

In Vlaardingen, LOLA is designing the public space of District-U. This new urban district is a redevelopment of the old Unilever campus, situated along the Nieuwe Waterweg river, based on a master plan by Studio for New Realities. Approximately 800 dwellings will be realized in this new district, with a wide variety of sizes and target groups. The ambition is to create a new lively and highly urban area where people can live, work, learn and create in a green environment.

The landscape design integrates as many existing materials and objects as possible, including the pavement of concrete slabs. Next to the regular pavers, there is a wide variety of odd-sized slabs. These have been cataloged, preserved and will be reused in the future plan. Regular slabs are used for the central walkway, while the deviating sizes form a differentiation in the paving pattern.

In the coming months, LOLA Landscape Architects will further develop the plans together with clients Van Adrighem Group, Leyten, co-designer Studio for New Realities, Gebiedsmanagers and the municipality of Vlaardingen. Construction is expected to start end of 2022.

Client: Van Adrighem Group, Leyten
I.c.w.: Studio for New Realities, Gebiedsmanagers

A destination along the river and metro (one of eight design principles)

Overview of the odd sized concrete slabs

Re-use of existing materials is characteristic for the new public space

Impressions of the wide variety of spaces for activity and encounter

Axos of the re-use of existing concrete slabs

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