LOLA marbles Rotterdam Rooftop Walk with nature

26 May 2022

Image: MVRDV

If all flat roofs in Rotterdam had a tiny forest on top, the city would have a large new nature reserve. To demonstrate this, LOLA has transformed the roof of the Bijenkorf warehouse between 26 May and 24 June 2022 during the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk into a sequence of overgrown urban nature, natural substrates and new sustainable techniques.

Two centuries ago, only 2 percent of the world’s population lived in cities, now more than half of the world’s population. There is a need for more urban nature, to provide our shade, our clean air and as a place for insects and birds. At the same time, most flat roofs look are being left unused and inaccessible. By opening up and naturalizing the urban roof landscape, a new nature reserve is created for the entire city: the Rotterdam Skyforest.

The roof of the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam is temporarily a showcase of this new high-rise urban nature reserve, including a tiny skyforest. The roof is part of the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk, a route at height including a spectacular air bridge between WTC Rotterdam and the Bijenkorf, organized by Rotterdamse Dakendagen from 26 May to 24 June 2022.

On the roof there are several works of art and installations, such as the Smart Rain Barrel by Studio Bas Sala, the growing sculptures by Urban Reef and the hanging Tree Feathers by Ebben. All these installations are connected to each other by veins of substrate and vegetation across the entire roof. The design and construction of the roof of the Bijenkorf is a collaboration with, among others, LOLA Landscape Architects, Rotterdamse Dakendagen, Donkergroep and Ebben.

Concept: Rotterdam Rooftop Days, MVRDV (image MVRDV)
Design: Rotterdam Rooftop Days, MVRDV, Dutch Steigers, LOLA
Production & content programming: Rotterdam Rooftop Days
Construction: Royal Haskoning DHV, Exact Advies & Engineering
Rooftop construction: Donkergroen, Ebben, LOLA

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