LOLA selected to work on Alzette Gardens for LUGA 2025

29 November 2023

We are delighted that LOLA Landscape Architects has been selected with 2001 and 51N4E to work on Alzette Gardens LUGA 2025, a cornerstone of the next Luxembourg Urban Garden exhibition. Set for May to October 2025 in Luxembourg, the theme of the exhibition will be ‘Making the invisible visible’. The genesis of LOLA’s participation can be traced back to the team’s ambitious Soil & People project, undertaken as a steppingstone towards Luxembourg’s zero-carbon goal, emphasizing ecological transition.

A Vision for the Alzette River
Situated in the Alzette Valley along the river and the historic Casemates du Bock, the LUGA project aims to revitalize its vital blue artery. With industrial, agricultural, and urban pressures, the Alzette River has lost its natural dynamics, and its canalization greatly diminished its water quality. As big historical and cultural importance for Luxembourg, our vision seeks to place the river’s fragility and urgency for recovery in the center of the project’s narrative.

Reconnecting People and Water
Our LUGA 25 proposal, called ‘Water Forum’, envisions reshaping the relationship between Luxembourg’s inhabitants and the Alzette. Through the innovative use of a water beam that purifies river to a safe standard, the project culminates in a mirror pond – a symbol and a functional piece of art. This pond serves as a gathering point, a contemplation spot, and a place of dialogue about water quality and its broader implications for community life and natural ecosystems.

A Space for Engagement and Reflection
At its core, Water Forum is about creating a dialogue. It’s a space


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that invites visitors to ponder the potential of the Alzette River as a cultural and recreational hub, provided its water quality is restored. The project aspires to be a catalyst for change, not just in physical terms but in how people perceive and interact with their natural surroundings. It’s a statement about the power of design to bridge gaps between ecological needs and urban life, inviting visitors to imagine a future where rivers are not just water bodies but integral parts of our communities.

Client: LUGA Asbl, Ministry of Agriculture,Viticulture and Rural Development
I.c.w.: 2001, 51N4E
Team: Peter Veenstra, Martin Garcia Perez, Yishan Du, Pasha Vredenbregt, Agostino Bubbico, Victor Hugo Faustino

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