LOLA Landscape Architects researches and designs spatial transitions of existing cultural landscapes. With thoughtful ideas and targeted interventions, LOLA (LOst LAndscapes) wants to optimize those landscapes in beautiful, healthy and sustainable places.

LOLA has got an optimistic and conceptual approach to these landscapes and a fascination for new spatial phenomena. Whether in the city, at the city edges or in the countryside, we aim to design sublime places that are beautiful, surprising and thriving. Designing unique and memorable experiences is key to any of our projects.

LOLA believes in a combination of continuous research, experiment and design. We match knowledge of landscapes and of large-scale ecosystems with contemporary ideas about people, space and nature. Being designers with an integrated approach to projects, we continuously partner with other offices and institutions with specific knowledge and experience.

LOLA was founded in 2006 by landscape architects Eric-Jan Pleijster, Cees van der Veeken and Peter Veenstra. A total of 36 people now work in the office, ranging from landscape architects to architects and urban designers. The office is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but operates worldwide for governments, provinces, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and project developers.

LOLA designs public spaces such as parks and squares, works on redevelopment plans in the city and countryside, and develops landscape transformation strategies and spatial researches. LOLA’s projects have been built and/or published around the world. For our oeuvre LOLA received the Rotterdam-Maaskant Prize for Young Architects and the TOPOS Landscape Award.

Feyenoord Stadium, view from Mallegat Park


1. Living communities
The world is undergoing massive urbanization at an unprecedented rate. LOLA strongly believes in creating a living landscape that stimulates people’s sense of well-being, identity and belonging within their built environment. Landscape architecture’s role is holistic; creating exterior rooms where people gather, communicate and interact with each other is one of the main design keys of LOLA.

2. Park and Public space
Being one of the core themes for any Landscape Architect, it is important to have a unique approach to the design of these important places. It is essential for a park to be rooted in its context. LOLA designs parks with strong links to the context, whether that’s historical or more contemporary, like the context of water systems, forest structures or the urban tissue. What we add to those parks might be unconventional, like a star maze or a hot pool right next to an old power plant.

3. Resiliency and Biodiversity
Being a country partly made below sea level, the effect of rising sea levels is alarming. As Landscape Architects we are driven to deal with the effects of climate change in all of our projects, trying to minimize sea level rise and counter heat-stress effect and damage from severe rainfall. The decline of biodiversity is a severe threat to ecosystems all over the world and in the end to our well-being. Our projects are designed to be nature-inclusive, biodiverse (even hyper-diverse). At the same time we also try to bring people closer to nature and offer them a unique encounter with all things living on this beautiful planet.

4. Sports and Health
It’s a simple equation, but sometimes easily forgotten: our health is crucial for our happiness. The more healthy we are, the more happy. And that results in a strong society and economy. Health in public space design is partly about people moving. LOLA wants to challenge people to get moving and be sportive in surprising ways in unexpected places. Our designs aim to integrate ways of moving and sporting in public space, parks and nature in a pleasing and challenging way.



LOLA Landscape Architects was founded in 2006 by landscape architects Eric-Jan Pleijster, Cees van der Veeken and Peter Veenstra. The Rotterdam based office starts to work on projects in the city center, the city edges and the countryside.


We had a huge kickstart in 2013-2014 when we received both the Rotterdam Maaskant award and the LILA award for our body of work with a one year time-span. Because of that, we got the opportunity to write our little LOLA bible Lost Landscapes.


LOLA’s park design (ic.w. Piet Oudolf and Deltavormgroep) in Tytsjerk is officially opened! Central element in the winning design is the ‘Star Maze’, a remix of two historic park figures: the star shaped forest and the labyrinth.


LOLA’s first project in China. In collaboration with TALLER and L+CC we won the international competition for a 600 hectare forest and sports park in Guang Ming, Shenzhen, China. The jury praised the winning proposal for its fresh approach and being highly attentive to local ecology meanwhile incorporating romantic techniques and realistic urban functions.

Track record

We know a thing or two about Dutch Dikes

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LOLA Projects

Urban life and nature go hand in hand in our nature-inclusive design for Bajes Kwartier

With 21 ha, Park Poelzone is our largest completed park to date.


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Recent news

Final design Florenc 21 competition

Our final design for Prague’s Florenc is now open for comments on the florenc21.eu website. As Team 55 we, de Architekten Cie + M2AU + LOLA Landscape Architects, designed a proposal for the transformation of area around the Florenc bus station into a new mixed-use neighborhood. In our design we recognize the Prague urban heritage for the way in which landscape and architecture work together.… More

Preliminary design Slachthuiswijk approved

Good news for the redevelopment of Slachthuiswijk.The municipality of Antwerp has recently approved the preliminary design for the new Slachthuiswijk public space. Commissioned by AG Vespa, Triple Living and Aquafin, the team of LOLA, Sweco, Posad Maxwan and Buiting Advies designed a green public space that ties the new and existing parts of the district.… More

Update gardens Bajeskwartier Amsterdam

For the transformation of the Bajeskwartier complex LOLA has been working on the design of about 70 public gardens for all residents and visitors, including mammals, birds and insects. In many of the public gardens people can do sports, have a picnic, or just quietly to listen to a podcast. New impressions have been made to show the green and inviting area Bajeskwartier is going to be.… More