Evoluon Park

Eindhoven, NL

Type Development framework
Design 2023
Location Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Size 15 ha
Client Gemeente Eindhoven
I.c.w. Lichtstad Evoluon BV, Hurks, Next Nature Network
Team Peter Veenstra, Artur Borejszo, Ulrike Jägert, Yishan Du, Jie Wang, Yueying Wan, Roberto Coccia, Simon Verbeeck, Yara Serageldin, Esther Pellegrom, Nasim Sadeghpour

Evolving is growing, not just in time and structure but also towards a richer, more complete, and better world. With new owners and users, the monumental Evoluon has the ambition to vitalize its museal function, showcasing the relationship between man and nature. Eindhoven’s municipality commissioned LOLA to study the potential transformation of the Evoluon Park in order to give it new impetus.

The municipality and the Evoluon stakeholders Lichtstad Evoluon, Hurks and Next Nature Network have high ambitions for the development of the iconic location. They look for an architecturally high-quality expansion and transformation of the existing complex, supporting and enhancing Evoluons’ rebirth as a futuristic national museum, exhibiting the relationship between man and nature.

LOLA Landscape Architects designed a development framework, studying the potential transformation of the 15 hectare historical Evoluon Park in the context of its famous heritage.

Masterplan Evoluon Park

Monumental site
As one of the best-known Dutch icons of modernist techno-optimism, The Evoluon carries decades of history and heritage for the Netherlands. The original building and surrounding park designs aimed to put Eindhoven on the world map of innovation. They were presented to the city in 1966 to commemorate Philips’ 75th anniversary.

Two-phased development
The park design is based on two phases, one with closure and one without closure of Tilburgseweg main road. Both full-fledged variants will be examined and weighed against each other. In the second phase, the Evoluon Park and Oppenheimerpark can merge by transforming the Tilburgseweg into a new green pedestrian and bicycle highline.

Evoluon cluster
On the West and the East side, the new construction allows enough space for the heritage building to preserve its iconic status. Both areas will enable a more holistic exhibition center by introducing a nature-based forum for exposition, education, intellectual exchange, and innovative business. The buildings’ higher volumes are carefully placed to leave the Evaluon’s iconic views untouched.

Panorama Evoluon cluster

Main principles Evoluon Park
Based on the Evoluon framework, the Eindhoven city council approved the new plans for the Evoluon park, including two new buildings with affordable housing. The development framework provides direction for the transformation of the Evoluon site based on nine main principles:

  • Cultural history forms the basis for the areal development
  • Room for new buildings in the park, bound by building regulations
  • Smart parking and smart logistics decongest the park
  • Park ring for pedestrians and cyclists connecting the Evoluon Park with Oppenheim Park
  • Surrounding Sponge edges to store (excess) water
  • Clear zoning facilitating the use of the public park
  • Green podium for the Evoluon supporting the visual qualities of the park and building
  • Dedicated park space for inspiring new objects
  • Greening of the (surrounding) infrastructure.

LOLA’s proposal brings the new urban and natural networks together, forming a strong ensemble with new building volumes, while keeping the Evoluon as a centerpiece. In a second phase Evoluon Park can be doubled by merging it with adjacent Oppenheimer Park.

Sponge edges

Green infrastructure

Clear zoning

Green stage

Connection with Strijp-S