Manifesto ’Geluksvogels‘ (Lucky Ones)

Living in the Nature-Based City

Type Research, Publication
Research 2020-2022
Location The Netherlands
Publication 2022
Graphic design Off Grid studio
Editors Frank Vonk, Eric-Jan Pleijster, Karin ter Laak
I.c.w. AM

A city without nature is an unpleasant and unliveable place to be. We need nature around us to be healthy and happy. But cities are where most people live furthest away from nature. Site developer AM is therefore committed to creating more nature in the city. To take this a step forward, AM is publishing the manifesto ‘Geluksvogels’ (Lucky Ones) together with LOLA Landscape Architects, containing ten principles to contribute to the national movement to make cities and villages more natural.

People who live in the nature-based city are seen by AM and LOLA as lucky: they don’t have to choose, because they live in the city and in nature. The manifesto describes in ten principles how the city can be nature-based: a new way of designing, developing and financing nature in the city.

The bilingual 64-paged ‘Geluksvogels’ manifesto, designed by Off Grid studio, is both a plea and a promise to add more green, natural space to the city in all AM and LOLA projects, for example by planting more trees, opening the streets for water and planting, by mixing high and low-rise buildings with nature, and using roofs as much as possible as usable space for people, plants and animals.


In site developments it is important to look at the city through the eyes of nature, for example: how do animals use the city, what do they need? By attuning the design of the city to the needs of nature, and by allowing city residents to enjoy nature as much as possible, a better city and more happiness are created.

The manifesto is available through the website and through the kiosk of Rotterdamse Dakendagen. The proceeds are donated to charities such as the IVN and the Rotterdamse Dakendagen. Visit for the full manifesto with an explanation of all the principles (NL/EN).

The bilingual 64-paged Manifesto 'Geluksvogels' front cover

The bilingual 64-paged Manifesto 'Geluksvogels' back cover

10 Principles for the Nature-Based City

1. We turn the tide

2. We see the city as a nature reserve

3. Nature is no green backdrop

4. we bring green happiness

5. Nature is in our soil

6. We think of grey as green

7. It's about time!

8. We build the Nature-Based City together

We share our urban nature with everyone

We understand the value of green happiness