Redevelopment Sports Oasis Center Shenzhen

Shenzhen, CN

TypeMasterplan, Sports
LocationShenzhen, China
Size20 ha
ClientShenzhen Sports and Cultural Center
I.c.w.SZAD, Long Chase, Be+maarch
TeamPeter Veenstra, Qiuxia Ye, Ramon Cuesta, Jie Wang, Gao Hong, Fanny Genti, Sara Ingignoli, Mariya Protsyk, Sara Vignali, Yueying Wan, Hong Gao, Yishan Du, Fabiola Mogrovejo, Nerea Deciena, Vincy

LOLA Landscape Architects designed in conjunction with Long Chase the winning proposal for the redevelopment of Shenzhen stadium area, the Sports Oasis Centre. With our landscape design, we focus on transforming the Shenzhen stadium area into a lush environment, with a maximum amount of trees that will frame the site and enhance the surrounding buildings. It will be an important human connector for the site, providing an accessible and pleasant experience to those who transit the area. With green sport and cultural activities for everyone, the renewed Sports Oasis Centre becomes the green corridor of the city.

The Shenzhen stadium has always been a cultural landmark of the city. The grand and solid buildings were developed and built by the municipality in 1985. Since then, the gymnasium has been able to hold a wide variety of domestic and foreign sports competitions, artistic performances, and some comprehensive activities. The silvery-white building with the green Bijia Mountain against the background became part of the collective memory of a generation of Shenzhen residents.

The future Shenzhen stadium will be open to the public at multiple levels and in an all-around way, providing quality services. It has provided the conditions for strengthening the sports exchanges between the Special Administrative Region and Hong Kong, Macao, mainland, and foreign countries. The location will play an active role in promoting the development of sports, economic construction, and spiritual development. In our landscape design, we take into account that the outer open spaces are equivalent to the stadium. It will be used as an outdoor living room for Shenzhen, a concentrated area for multiple activities.

Masterplan redevelopment Sports Oasis Centre

Strategies for the healthy border loop and the brutalist oasis

“Sports empowerment and public activation is our prospect for the gymnasium. In the landscape design we’ve put various sports facilities, such as regular sports fields, multi-functional sports fields and fun sports fields. The redeveloped Sports Oasis Center will be a place where residents and visitors are stimulated to meet and play sports.”

Strategies on sports energy fields and service brand objects

“An entrance plaza is not only a meeting place and a junction but also a location for public events. We combine sport, culture and encounter by turning each entrance square into a multifunctional event space. At the same time, the squares are covered with urban forests to become an inspiring green environment.”

Strategy on vitality connection platform and grand sports culture nodes

Custom made street furniture

The new landscape is designed as a flexible outdoor living room, a concentrated area for multiple activities