Xili Nourishing City

Xili Reservoir, CN

Type Masterplan landscape design
Design 2021
Location Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
Client Shenzhen Nanshan Agriculture Water Authority
I.c.w. L+CC, TALLER , ONE Architecture

The Xili water reservoir was constructed, 60 years ago, when the villages of Baimang, Makan, and Dakan started protecting Xili’s water source. While building reservoirs, repairing rivers and drawing blue lines, enriched the ecological resources, in a certain extent it also limited the development of the three villages. LOLA participated, together with L+CC, Taller and One Architecture, in the international competition of the overall concept planning and landscape design scheme of Blueway around Xili Reservoir. Our plan based on the concept of a ‘nourishing city’ won second place out of 27 design teams.

Nourishing City explores a future-oriented development model for three villages in the context of water source protection. The design takes the blueway around Xili as the context and opportunity of development, and integrate into the new development of the city with a new attitude. Our design is inspired by the indigenization of the site, allowing us to re-define the characters and features of three villages with local flora and fauna, local materiality, and local colors. It is the time for them to enjoy the water.

We created 4 water-source experiences for the Node Parks, Baimang Water Interaction park, Makan Water Culture Park, Water Education Park, and Dakan Water Sports Park. The effect of Nourishing City on the development of the three villages will have a different emphasis. At the same time, echoing the characteristics of the three villages, creating three different experience paths, including forest interactive water loop, material educational water path, and colorful sports water network.

Masterplan Xili Nourishing City

We planned 4 major nourishing systems for the site

Eco-water nourishing
Taking the Blueway as the vein to connect the mountain and sea to build the villages’ triple-water source protection upon the blue-green foundation.

Industry-economy nourishing
Taking the Blueway as an opportunity to link the three villages, the healthy green industry as the foundation, develops Baimang community service, Makan culture & nature education, and Dakan R&D innovation, to have a coordinated development of the three villages.

Healthy-living nourishing
Taking the Blueway as a framework to link nature. The total 38-kilometer slow-traffic network around mountains, rivers, forests, and agricultural lands, will connect 3 villages, 7 rivers, and 4 parks to create a new green and healthy public life system.

Cultural-education nourishing
Taking the Blueway as the carrier to inherit the cultural heritage, develops traditional Hakka culture, science and education culture, innovative researching and producing culture, and ecological farming culture.

The Baimang water node

An interactive water loop changes into different water scenes. A rain forest, a mirror ponds garden, a water twist, a landmark waterfall viewing tower, a wetland, a mist garden, and finally a grand iconic geyser. A route across the different water processes helps visitors and residents to learn about the value of water.

Green, water and sports meet at Dakan park

A canal connects the water system with Baimang village

Dakan River will be integrated into the innovative atmosphere of Dakan Village, connecting the commercial space along the river to different forms of ‘Water bridges’. Nourishing the people with water is the best feedback answering the way of protecting water sources and showing gratitude to three villages.

Dakan river runs through the center of the village

Lishui River serves researchers and students in the Shibilong area with 'water platforms' with different themes and functions

The Makan tributaries embraces the surrounding natural environment and integrate playful 'water stepping'

Makan River uses traditional materials to connect a series of cultural and educational nodes as programmable and recreational 'water barrier'