Zoomland Ecoduct, Bergen Op Zoom

year: 2018
size: < 1 ha
type: specials
client: Municipality of Bergen Op Zoom and Provincie Noord-Brabant
with: Dura Vermeer, Millvision
LOLA Landscape Architects has designed the first biobased ecoduct in the world. The Zoomland viaduct on the A58 at Bergen Op Zoom has been renewed, widened and enriched with transparent flax fiber screens on both sides. The design for the ecoduct was constructed late 2017.

Flax fiber
Bio-based materials are based on renewable raw materials instead of fossil raw materials. Flax fiber, originating from the flax plant, is such a biobased material. By reinforcing the flax fiber with bio resin, uprights have been made for the ecoduct screens. By linking 6 uprights, varying in height, screens are made up to 4.5 meters high that represent the rolling landscape of the Zoomland.

Eco passage
The ecoduct is part of the 8km long Route van de Turf, which was opened in 2017, a tourist bike path from Bergen op Zoom to Roosendaal. Wild animals use it to go from the Natura 2000 area Brabantse Wal to the forests in the north and vice versa. To this end, the existing ecopassage on the viaduct has been broadened and renewed. The use of locally grown heather pests, tree stumps and logs and carefully chosen seed mixtures and shrubs provide a more intensive ecological passage for flora and fauna.