Quarry Be'er Sheva, IL

year: 2001
size: 1 - 10 ha
type: research
client: Beracha Foundation
with: Topotek1 Scape Moria Sekely
The Beracha Foundation asked LOLA, Topotek1 and Scape to develop a proposal for the Ottoman quarry in Beer Sheva, an abandoned open quarry in the middle of the city. Afterwards, the city of Beer Sheva commissioned the team to develop the plans for construction, in collaboration with Moria Sekely.

Core of the design is the idea to reactivate the quarry, and use the valuable limestone for construction and design purposes, both inside the quarry and elsewhere in the city. While excavating, new spaces are being created that can be turned into a park for the neighborhood and the city. Can a park be a productive place? And can a place of production be a place of leisure for others?

A thickly forested green edge around the excavations functions as a park loop, connected to the surrounding neighborhoods. One of the main elements is a cliff walk, from which park visitors have a view into the quarry. Via four entrances people can descend into the quarry, which is composed of a series of excavations that vary in size and character, some are historical pits made accessible, others newly excavated. The many archaeological and geological stories that are unveiled will be the main attraction for visitors from further away.

The new depths will have a microclimate that allows park use on moments other public spaces in the city will be too hot, the desert climate is getting more severe over the years as the Negev desert slowly surrounding the city.

In March 2018, the final planning was presented to the mayor of Beer Sheva. The implementation will happen in phases, starting in the autumn of 2018.

Model: Made by Mistake
Photography: Maarten van der Wal