Oostenburg Plot 3, NL

year: 2018
size: 1 - 10 ha
type: landscape design
client: VORM Ontwikkeling BV
with: OZ, Workshop Architects, BETA Architects, Space Encounters, Buro Bouwfysica, 3D Studio Prins
Mixed residential area
The harbour island of Oostenburg in Amsterdam is transforming into an inclusive and attractive residential area. The eye-catcher of this area is the historical industrial building Werkspoorhal.

Oostenburg has always been an area of commerce and trade since the seventeenth century. In recent years the transformation of the area into a mixed residential area has been studied. The redevelopment of the former Werkspoorhal into a roofed public square in the middle of new residential buildings is part of this transformation.

LOLA Landscape Architects works together with VORM Ontwikkeling, OZ architects, Workshop Architects, BETA Architects, Space Encounters, Buro Bouwfysica and 3D Studio Prins in shaping this part of Oostenburg.

The former Werkspoorhal is the beating heart of the neighborhood of Oostenburg. This hall has been redesigned as a new monument and will serve as an open market place for commerce, events, as well as neighborhood initiatives the coming years.

By maintaining the steel structure of the hall and the industrial character of the hall is retained. The flexible programming in the plinths of the Werkspoorhal will attract future residents and visitors.

The Werkspoorhal is in effect a square with a roof: open for everybody, a stage for anything. The roofed square is even accessible over the water as the former harbor is being rebuild into a stared boardwalk: a nice place to sit by the water and let kayaks afloat.
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