Reisgids Grevelingen

year: 2011
size: > 1000 ha
type: study
client: MIRT Grevelingen
with: BAM infraconsult, AM Concepts, Deltares
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After the devastating floods of 1953, the Dutch Delta had been turned into lakes. The delta itself now is safe, but the lakes have poor ecological and economical value. "From Lake to Delta" focuses on two of these lakes, the Grevelingen and the Volkerak. It shows how they can be made part of the dynamics of the delta again. The key is to allow the tide again into the lakes, by opening several dams that now separate the lakes from the sea. The tide will dramatically improve the water quality and again allow land forming processes, resulting in dynamical natural landscapes, instead of static land.

This new landscape will have a serious effect on the use and economy of the region. New harbors allow sailors to experience the nature, boardwalk islands and eco lodges give visitors a chance to stay overnight and experience the salty nature up close. The transformation of the Grevelingen and Volkerak lakes can be a start for a large scaled improvement of the complete delta. For the winning plan LOLA cooperated with engineers of BAM infraconsult, project developer AM and scientists of Deltares. "From Lake to Delta" was awarded with the Delta Water Award, a prestigious prize for young talent and innovative ideas, to bring attention to the Dutch Delta.

After the award winning regional design 'From Lake to Delta', an ambitious and more precise regional landscape design study was made for MIRT Grevelingen. The result is the 'Reisgids Grevelingen-Voordelta, a travel guide to the future of the Grevelingen. The travel guide sets a high standard for the Grevelingen, matching that of the World Bays, the club of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Input for the future of the Grevelingen are the restored tidal influence in the Grevelingen lake, the high natural and recreational potential and the outdated present situation. Local qualities as the super clear water, the marine flora and fauna and the spectacular Deltawerken are translated into three profiles: taste, do and enjoy.

The profiles finally lead to a new integral landscape design. This new landscape involves (amongst others) new islands, a sea lock, multiple tidal harbors and lots of inter tidal nature. Some of these elements are detailed in pilot-projects. The set ambition, the profiles, the regional landscape design and pilot projects together assure a sound and admirable Grevelingen.

A co-production of LOLA Landscape Architects with BAM Infrastructure, AM Concepts and Deltares.
Grevelingen Reisgids regional design study
Grevelingen Reisgids Getijdenresort
Grevelingen Reisgids Autarkisch Eiland
Grevelingen booklet
Grevelingen Reisgids regional design study
Grevelingen Reisgids regional design study