Stadsrandenatlas Zuidvleugel

year: 2011
size: > 1000 ha
type: research
client: Adviseur Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit Provincie Zuid-Holland
LOLA made and published and the Stadsrandenatlas van de Zuidvleugel, an atlas in which all 370 city edges of the Zuidvleugel of the Randstad are described.

Not only does the atlas describe the 370 city edges in general and 20 city edges specifically, it also introduces an new typology (Standsrandentypologie) and a new strategic map (Stadsrandenkaart).

Eric-Jan Pleijster presented the Stadsrandenatlas in the presence of many of the province Zuid-Holland and its municipalities. The atlas was part of an advice of Eric Luiten, provincial advisor for spatial quality in the province Zuid-Holland.
Stadsranden Zuid-Holland
Stadsranden blokkendoos