ADIDAS World Campus, DE

year: 2016
size: 10 - 100 ha
type: landscape design
client: ADIDAS AG
with: WGF Objekt (technical landscape consultant) WPW (building and construction engineers) Competition team: Frans Boots (technical landscape consultant) Chris Kabel (product designer) ARUP (engineering consultant, sustainability) Amsterdam Fashion Institute (branding development) IMGplus (3D, visualizations), Holly Syrett GW Agency
The" target="_blank">adidas headquarters in Germany will be transformed and enriched with the addition of colourful star-shaped public spaces in a luscious green setting. The design is made by LOLA landscape architects. A newly designed lake and four stars will be the central features of the plan. The stars act as squares that connect the buildings and serve as central points for all outdoor activities. The first phase includes a campus extension starting in 2017, parallel to the realization of two new buildings: HALFTIME by COBE architects and ARENA by Behnisch Architects.

About the competition
adidas organized an international competition in 2015 for the new World of Sports campus. After a second round with the three finalists LOLA was commissioned as chief landscape architect for the new campus. For the new buildings adidas previously organized a design competition; of which HALFTIME (COBE architects) and ARENA (Behnisch architects) are the most significant. The extension towards the south will take place in the period of 2017-2018. The revamping of the northern part of the campus is to soon follow after.

Creating a city
A campus is both a field as well as a city. The ancient Roman Campo Marzio is a classic example of a field gradually morphing into the city fabric. In a similar fashion the adidas campus will develop in time, like an array of buildings, gardens, landscapes and monuments of various generations that defined adidas at that given time. In an incremental way the campus becomes further developed with both interior and exterior spaces. Buildings are merely covered squares; the landscapes are like open air buildings.

The stars
The stars are the central connectors of the buildings. They are like buildings without a roof; and each of them, with a distinct look and feel, becomes a beacon and way finder on the campus. The stars are zero gravity: fast tracks of smooth surfaces that make intuitive routing and direct connections; they are the points where sports and work-related activities condense. They include, a sports pitch, seating areas and places for bike parking. Each star will be carefully planned and designed around a theme and a set of activities.

The lake defines the space between the buildings HALFTIME, the ARENA and the Parking Southeast. The lake creates both a physical barrier as well as an unobstructed view between the public and private area of the campus. It provides the campus lawns and trees with water in dry spells and buffers the roof and surface runoff in rainy seasons - while also cooling the building HALFTIME . The water reflects the architecture, trees and brings lightness. The lake and the campus are interconnected.

The world of sports
The campus landscape is the gathering place of the employees of the adidas Group; the quintessence of the adidas brand experience is what athletes, co-workers, media and retailers visit the campus for - to get inspired and awed by what adidas is developing, testing and performing. The campus landscape is the canvas for creators to program, test and engage in the sports and activities that adidas supports; ranging from soccer to skateboarding,. Urban and outdoor activities are all present at the adidas World of Sports.
Adidas Campus overview (by IMG+)
Overview Adidas Campus South (by IMG+)
Adidas Campus Masterplan
Adidas Campus Red Star
Adidas Campus Yellow Star
Adidas Campus Yellow Star (by IMG+)
Adidas Campus Lake view (by IMG+)
Adidas Campus forest benches (by IMG+)
Adidas Campus overview (by IMG+)
Adidas Campus overview (by IMG+)