Museum garden Zutphen, NL

year: 2017
size: < 1 ha
type: specials
client: Musea Zutphen
The culture cluster in Zutphen will have a new location at the monumental building Hof van Heeckeren: the Stedelijk Museum Zutphen, Museum Henriette Polak and the Municipal Department of Archeology will join forces and come under one roof as Musea Zutphen . The transformation of the monument, designed by BiermanHenket architecten, provides a new entrance pavilion in the garden of Hof van Heeckeren. With this, the garden will be the entryway to the museum. The masterpiece of the garden is a dome built in 1697 which is covered on the inside with shells.

The new garden design refers to the dome with crushed shell paving and a formal garden that fits the 17th century theme of the dome. A pattern of triangles forms a green carpet in the garden. This pattern continues in the tiles at the entrance pavilion and on the sedum roof. A walking area of crushed shells weaves in-between the planters and guides you along to different sculptures, a 'friends of the museum bench', a water element and a terrace space.

Like the motives incorporated in Persian carpets, the planters contain motives that are derived from the collection of the museum, mainly twelve snowflakes that were drawn in 1792 by local hero J.F. Martinet in the publication Kleine katechismus der natuur.