Park of the mist Bogota, CO

year: 2017
size: 100 - 1000 ha
type: landscape design
client: Empresa de Acueducto, Alcantarillado y Aseo de Bogota
with: Taller 301, LCC
The Parque El Rocio (Park of the mist) was originally conceived as a public space after the construction of the water reservoir of San Rafael, which will now become the main water feature of the park.

The reservoir is located in the town of La Calera, 12km away from Bogota, capital of Colombia. Its area covers around 1200 Ha.
Regarding the regional scale, the park belongs to the Estructura Ecologica Principal or Main Ecological Structure of the region, formed by a series of ecological elements such as the Cerros Orientales de Bogota and several rivers as the Rio Bogota.

As the main strategy, it is proposed to use the existing infrastructure of the reservoir includings roads, dams, terrein modifications by reprogramming it and redesigning it on each specific case. This strategy becomes the lait motiv of the project and is based on a first analysis of the existing infrastructural elements that are on the site ready for the public use.

In terms of mobility, the main circuit will be connected to other existing paths and circuits, some of them connecting the park with the Cerros Orientales and eventually with the city of Bogota.