Leeuwenhoekpark Leiden

year: 2014
size: 1 - 10 ha
type: landscape design
client: Gemeente Leiden
The Leeuwenhoek Park is one of the most important public spaces in the Leiden Bio Science Park and will be realized in the coming years. LOLA landscape architects has won the design tender and completed the final design. The implementation is scheduled for 2016.

The Leeuwenhoek Park is an important addition to the Bio Science zone and functions as a meeting place for many users. Directly bordering the park is the natural history museum - Naturalis, a college, hospital and many office buildings. A large portion of the potential users consist of students, who pass through the park on their way to school and visit between classes. There are also museum visitors, employees and hospital patients who each find their place around a large central water pond.

A new relationship with the Pesthuis
The design of the park acts as the foreground for the Pesthuis, a local historic monument. The park serves as a form of castle garden for this building with a large water element framed by a formal row of golden elm trees with spectacular autumn foliage. A second smaller building which has a more recent place in history is the stable. Its nouveaux design creates an interesting tension with the older larger building.

A sunny slope for the students
An important element in the plan is a sloping lawn on the edge of the water chamber that gets full sun in the afternoon. This lawn is along the main route used by the students of the college and should become a hangout for them. From the lawn there is an attractive view over the water and Pesthuis. The hill was created with left over soil from the construction of the water elements. Various bulbs are planted in the slopes of the water chamber, bringing them to life in early spring.

Re-zoning the Stable
The Stable, where the world's first genetically modified Bull Herman once lived, has now been converted to cafe. In the new design this historic stable is extended into a restaurant with a large terrace on the water. The facade of the building will become more transparent, making it more inviting and also open to the landscape, with pleasant views over the park
Leeuwenhoekpark under construction
Leeuwenhoekpark under construction