Mitino Park Moscow

year: 2014
size: 100 - 1000 ha
type: landscape design
client: Center Territorial initiatives Arhpolis
Mitino park has no obvious expression of a great story, such as a park Sokolniki. There was no royal personages and famous artists. There was no historical popular events. The only intangible value is as archaeological heritage areas. The quality of this place is obviously in its natural forms: the hills, valleys, ponds and river.

The purpose of this competition is to create a sustainable development model Landscape Park Mitino that meets the needs of the urban community, taking into account the environmental and cultural significance Landscape Park Mitino, as well as to effectively use polzovat recreational potential of the area.

Our design follows the classical approach of creating beautiful, as English landscape park (species, directions, pavilions, a hierarchy of tracks and paths, planting vegetation ). This makes the park more beautiful, but not better functioning.

Another method may be a so-called infrastructure approach where we efficiently improving the effect of different systems. This includes the water system, road network, ecological framework to reduce the noise from the road. The balance between these two approaches, the definition of master and slave -
is the main task of designing Mitino park.

Speaking romantic of Mitino Park - a hill, valleys and ravines between them, with the recent and traces of ancient history. Each of the hills will have its own individual character and the atmosphere and get a beautiful view along valley formed by trees.

In the future, the park will show more and more biodiversity and seasonal surprises. In the valley of people can enjoy the depth cool and almost natural world. They Feel at home and a single entity the park.

Rational thinking, road tropinochnaya network needs to be corrected, improved hierarchy, new directions and good availability. The park is suitable for year use not only in the summer. Clear zoning should mark and at the same time limit commercial functions, giving space for locals, residents and tourists. As with any city park communication with its environment is crucial: river, subway, railway, parking. Proposed new connection and inputs must be arranged optimal manner.