Projects 18

year: 2018
size: > 1000 ha
type: research
client: Programmabureau Hoogwaterbescherming
with: Koehorstint'tveld
Project book of the Delta Plan Water Safety 2018-2023

The book Projects '18 has been published. The book describes all projects of the Delta Plan Water Safety between 2018 and 2023. LOLA landscape architects has been a partner of Delta Plan Water Safety since 2016. For Projects '18, LOLA wrote eight illustrated texts describing the diverse roles of the dike workers in the light of past, present and future.

For Projects '18, LOLA wrote eight illustrated texts, describing the diverse roles of the dike workers in the past, present and future. Generation after generation people have been working on the dikes of the Netherlands, from carpenters tot Nobel Prize winners and from contractors to politicians. And every generation works in a completely different way, within their belief and abilities. The work of all these people during all this time has made the Netherlands into what it is now.

But they're not done yet: the climate changes. With major themes like sea level rise and soil subsidence, building and reinforcing dikes is never done. Therefore in the coming years many more people are needed to keep the country safe. One problem: the current community of dike workers is relatively old, and there is little influx of young dike workers. A new generation of dike workers has to step up to the challenge.

In Projects '18, much attention is paid to the way dikes are painted and photographed. In a unique series of maps based on the data of over 7,000 photographs is shown which dikes in the Netherlands are the most photographed. The old Markermeerdijken just outside of Amsterdam clearly top the list. In addition to insight into the popularity of individual dikes, based on this data it is possible to make predictions about involvement of people in dike reinforcement projects. At dikes with most pictures, the most involvement of dike residents and dike lovers is to be expected.

Projects '18 was made in close cooperation with graphic designers Koehorstint'tveld, with whom LOLA also made the previous Projects '17 and the bestselling book Dutch Dikes.

Client: Programmabureau Hoogwaterbescherming
Concept and research: LOLA landscape architects
Maps and charts: LOLA landscape architects
Text: LOLA landscape architects, Programmabureau Hoogwaterbescherming , Ellen Segers and Marieke Bos (final editing)
Design: Koehorstint'tveld
Photography: Tineke Dijkstra
Print: NPN printers, Breda
November 2017