New Project Lock Complex IJmuiden

4 June 2020

LOLA researches the spatial and landscape qualities of the lock complex of IJmuiden to develop an overview of the core qualities that Rijkswaterstaat and other stakeholders can use as a roadmap for possible future redevelopment.

The first locks date back to the 19th century and the complex now still plays an important role in the well-known Dutch water management by connecting the docks of Amsterdam to the North Sea while acting as a primary flood defense against the rising sea level at the same time. The lock complex is constantly changing with the newest lock opening in 2022: the largest lock in the world. The contrast between the rawness of the industry and the natural dune landscape gives IJmuiden its unique character.

LOLA sees an opportunity in transforming the somewhat incohesive and closed complex into an attractive and open public space. A must-see in the Netherlands.

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