Central Park Science and Technology City

Yazhou Bay, Sanya, CN

Type International landscape design competition
Design 2022
Location Sanya, China
Size 54 hectares
Client Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration, Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Development and Construction Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.
I.c.w. Land+Civilization Compositions (L+CC), East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (ECADI)
Team Peter Veenstra, Qiuxia Ye, Mariya Protsyk , Jie Wang, Jintong Li, Xin Wen,Yishan Du, Yueying Wan, Yiyun Cao, Wen Wang, Boya Zhou, Jiaqi Qiu, Leqi Zhong, Xiaoxiao Huang
Renders Fancy CG, Be march

A cool park for a booming city

We are witnessing rapid changes in the global climate system, and severe weather is more likely to occur on a regular basis. Sanya has a tropical climate with frequent rainy seasons and typhoons and a long period of dry high temperatures. As urban building projects and infrastructure development continue, urban heat forms the prime challenge for public space and ecology.

Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is located in the west of Sanya city, and is being built to develop an economy focused on agricultural and deep sea science and technology. In the middle of this new development, the 54 hectare Central Park is planned as a east-west public space axis and ecological corridor, covering an underground highway. This green spine will link downtown with the Science and Technology City, creating a north-south system of green corridors and connecting the ocean.

The 4,5 kilometer long park strip has been subdivided into three parks with their own visual identity, program and a canopy plan to generously provide shaded public space and to create a cool refuge in the city. The canopy plan is built up out of a collection of wooden roof structures and tree species with a special canopy shape, accompanying the main paths and park programs.

Together they form a park that links with the regional green network, responds to climate challenges, and anticipates city future planning.

Construction is planned to start at the end of 2023.

Regional Masterplan

Urban Heat

Regional Park


Urban axis




In the western segment, a field museum expo park will be built, which will allow tourists to experience nature, and serve as a display of agricultural and deep-sea technology, connected to the Nanfan scientific research core area. It is combined with a ‘cultural canopy plan’, which hosts existing traditional Yazhou cultural activities, combined with the leisure needs of modern life and the display of contemporary technology.


The middle segment is strongly connected to the surrounding city blocks, and will serve as the most public and visible part of the park, aiming to bring together residents, workers, and tourists. It is combined with the ‘vibrant canopy plan’, that gives space to a range of urban gardens and event areas, and crosses the main infrastructural barriers in the form of a pedestrian bridge.


The eastern segment extends the surrounding natural mountain landforms into the city, and brings the surrounding communities and schools together to create a large-scale outdoor playground with an adventurous variety, and natural quality. At the end of the park the highway is covered with a large land bridge, that combines migrating routes for small animals and people. It is combined with the ‘ecological canopy plan’, maximizing

Concept Plan


Canopy Pattern

Canopy List

Park Program

Sanya Hill Park

Sanya Hill Park

Sanya Hill Park Landbridge

Sanya Expo Park

Sanya Expo Park

Sanya Tech Valley

Sanya Tech Valley

Sanya Tech Valley