Feyenoord City Masterplan

Rotterdam, NL

Type Masterplan
Size 10-100ha
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
I.c.w. OMA, City of Rotterdam, Stadion Feijenoord, Feyenoord F.C.
Partner Stichting Gebiedsontwikkeling aan de Maas

Feyenoord City Rotterdam is a masterplan developed by OMA and LOLA Landscape Architects on behalf of Stichting Gebiedsontwikkeling aan de Maas. In collaboration and consultation with the Municipality of Rotterdam, Stadion Feyenoord, Feyenoord and many other parties and stakeholders. The Masterplan describes the area development in the south of Rotterdam. Together with the Definitive Design of the New Feyenoord Stadion it marks the next step in the realization of Feyenoord City.

Feyenoord City connects
In the Masterplan the subareas are extended from four the eight distinctive, independent but interdependent related subareas. Together they form a sporty, varied and lively urban development. This expansion creates extra public outdoor spaces that will invite visitors to exercise, play and enjoy sports and downtime. Moreover, the surrounding neighborhoods are even better connected. These eight areas are: Stadskant (city side), Waterfront, Mallegatpark, Het Nieuwe Stadion (The New Stadium), De Strip, De Kuip (Old Stadium, The Kuip Park), De Veranda and Getijdenpark (Tidal Park).

In addition to the physical connections, Feyenoord City wants to bring people of different ages and backgrounds together. Healthy living, education, job opportunities and talent development are given a central role within Feyenoord City.

Feyenoord City Futureproof
Feyenoord City is designed with the future in mind. Buildings and outdoor spaces can easily be adapted to changing functions in the future. In order to minimize the impact on the environment, there will be a number of new parks and green connections in the area. These ecological connecting zones will stimulate biodiversity and serve as additional leisure space. Bicycles and public transport will have ample space in the area. The rise in sea level and other consequences of climate change, such as the large amount of rainfall that can fall in a short time, have also been taken into account. Finally, Feyenoord City’s ambition is to realize a CO2-neutal energy supply.

Axonometry of Waterfront. Image © OMA

Feyenoord City Masterplan

Within Feyenoord City, living, working, sports and recreation will go hand in hand. Creating an attractive, versatile and lively urban area that will give an enormous boost to surrounding neighborhoods, Rotterdam Zuid, the Nieuwe Maas and the rest of the city. Feyenoord’s ambition for a new stadium was the catalyst for the (re)development of a whole area in the south of Rotterdam. With this Masterplan the full potential of the Nieuwe Maas and Rotterdam South will be maximized and Feyenoord City will be a top destination and a meeting place for both locals and visitors all year round. Read the full Masterplan here.

Rendering view towards the south with the Tidal Park. Image © OMA

Rendering of the Tidal Park, waterfront and Stadium. Image © OMA